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Optwise's New Scheduling Environment Available Now

Optwise Corporation is pleased to announce the release of version 1 of the Optwise Scheduling Environment, OptTime.

                 Optwise technology is integrated in the aerospace satellite application STK/Scheduler.  
Optwise Maximizer software simulation of a 15 task 15 resource assignment problem.

OptTime  is  "Compatible with  Windows 7, 8 and 10"

Optwise's OptTime product is  compatible with for the Windows 7 TM   Windows 8 and the Windows 10 operating systems. Testing using Microsoft procedures provides end users with the assurance that Optwise software meets all of the security and reliability requirements that are provided  by the Windows Operating System.

Optwise Corporation Reaches 9th Aniversary of Certified Partner Status in Microsoft Partner Program 

  • Optwise Corporation first achieved the Certified Partner level in the Microsoft partner program in 2007. It has maintain either a silver or gold level of compentancy since 2007.
  • This advancement allows Optwise to pass along the expertise associated with top level support from Microsoft when developing optimization problem solutions. 

About Us

Optwise Corporation is dedicated to building off the shelf and custom optimization and scheduling solutions.

Located near the heart of Silicon Valley, Optwise Corporation has transitioned over 30 man-years of custom optimization and scheduling software development experience  to providing the optimization and de-confliction algorithms. Optwise not only brings unique optimization algorithm expertise but also the experience of having applied these algorithms to a variety of commercial applications.

Optwise's President Dr. William A. Fisher founded Optwise Corporation in 2001. Prior to this he served as vice president of Anava Corporation and was a senior research scientist at Lockheed Martin. He has over thirty years of application software experience.



OptTime- Enabling rapid integration of state of the art scheduling into existing tracking and planning systems.

Optwise Maximizer- Providing optimized task  to resource assignment.

STK/Scheduler- off the self scheduling technology to maximize the returns from limited resources and reduce scheduling time and effort.

De-Confliction Scheduler- the previous generation of OptTime technology.

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