Providing Innovative Optimization Solutions

About Company

Optwise Corporation is dedicated to building off the shelf and custom optimization and scheduling solutions.

Located near the heart of Silicon Valley, Optwise Corporation has transitioned over 25 man-years of custom optimization and scheduling software development experience to to providing the optimization and de-confliction algorithms. Optwise not only brings unique optimization algorithm expertise but also the experience of having applied these algorithms to a variety of other aerospace applications.

Optwise was incorporated on January first 2001. That right 010101, a great fit for a software company. It is dedicated to bringing its customers cutting-edge optimization software. This is demonstrated by the fact that Optwise has recently become a Microsoft silver or gold partner for over 5 years and has had its feature product, OptTime, certified for the Windows Vista, Windows 7  and Windows 8 operating systems.

Optwise's President is Dr. William A. Fisher.  He started Optwise in 2001. Prior to this he served as vice president of Anava Corporation  and was a senior research scientist at Lockheed Martin. He has over tweny five years of application software experience.

Optwise President Dr. William A. Fisher