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Maximizer is a member of the Optwise line of specific optimization problem solution products. These products capture Optwise Corporation's extensive experience in modeling systems for optimization and incorporate the company’s unique global optimization technology. The artificial intelligence and neural network based technology allows global optimization of problems that have proven impossible using conventional optimization techniques.

The Maximizer product has been designed to handle the general class of optimization problems known as maximal assignment problems. A maximal assignment problem is one in which the goal is to perform as many tasks as possible using a limited number of resources. An example might be to find the best way to assign bandwidth resources in a communication system to maximize the number of connected (or assigned) messages.

In a typical maximal assignment problem, such as the communication example above, finding the best solution means that all of the possible unique task to resource combinations must be considered. Consider a simple example with 3 resources and 3 tasks where one resource is needed per task. There are six possible combinations to consider: (1a 2b 3c) (1a 2c 3b) (1b 2a 3c) (1b 2c 3a) (1c 2a 3b) (1c 2b 3a). But a nine task nine resource problem has 362,880 possible combinations. A 15 task 15 resource problem has over 1.3 trillion possible combinations. In most optimization problems, constraints limit the physically possible combinations. For example, the statement "assigning task 1 to resource A blocks the use of resource B" is an example of a resource constraint. Maximizer can find the solution to problems with hundreds of tasks and resources. Maximizer does this by allowing the combinations to compete in parallel, subject to constraints on the resources.

This simulation shows the process of finding a conflict free assignment of 15 Tasks to 15 resources. Blue boxes are unavailable assignment.
 While built around a  general purpose optimization algorithm, Maximizer is not a set of functions or classes that require a user to program a solution. Instead, the Maximizer module has been designed for a user to enter a text description of the problem using a simple script. No compiler is required. (Optwise Corporation can also provide graphic user interfaces an automatic problem translation on a semi custom basis.




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