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                       What is OptTime?
OptTime is a scheduling solution designed to handle all scheduling problems big or small interface seamlessly with database description language. Unlike other products that are custom built or development systems requiring extensive and expensive additional customization, OptTime customers can create a resource scheduling module within an existing system. Thus OptTime creates a custom experience without the cost of extensive custom development.

OptTime is the result of over 25 man years of development and has over 6 years of continuous commercial usage. The technology is featured in STK/Scheduler, has sold over 100 licenses and was used in the recently launched NASA GLAST mission. OptTime replaces an earlier generation product known as De-Confliction Scheduler.

OptTime prides itself on on providing Customers with the following benefits:
• Better utilization of high value resources
• Reduced development time then creating “in house” scheduling
• Leverage Aerospace proven scheduling methods
• Integrates using most Microsoft programming languages, and Microsoft Office
OptTime's non-GUI interface has a very small code footprint and so can be used with almost any system.
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What Type of Problem can OptTime Handle?
The OptTime scheduling environment was designed to handle complex scheduling problems quickly. It was designed to solve problems for which the number of resources may not be sufficient to schedule a large number of tasks. Tasks can have multiple time opportunities. Different resources may be available to satisfy the task during the different time opportunities. 

   In particular OptTime supports:

·         Searching multiple resource combinations or time window opportunities

·         Multiple resource types including rate and impulse types

·         Double precision resource capacity

·         User defined units for double precision time; one second in three million years or a nanosecond in three years are easily handled.

·         Constraints between tasks

·         Task setup and breakdown definition

·         User definable Figure of Merit for solution scoring

·         User definable search algorithms or battle tested "standard" search algorithms

·         Fast solution of very large problems; problems with thousands of task are routine

                                          Integrating OptTime

The OptTime interface to client software is intentionally very simple. Clients connect to the module and communicate with  one command that sends a character string and returns a character string. Any COM aware language can communicate across the interface. Optwise has examples for Microsoft Office (Access) (see below), Microsoft visual Audio, and for C# (Winforms) in the OptTime Software Development Kit (SDK). Other interfaces including Visual Studio, MFC, C++, and Visual Basic are available upon request.  

While the interface is simple, the ability to create and manipulate complex scheduling problems is not. Optwise has created the OptTime schedule description language (SDL) to specify complex problems. Interested? contact us for more details.

            Optwise Partner GUI Available 
Although OptTime was designed without a graphical user interface, Orbit Logic Inc. has created one called Saturn derived from its highly successful aerospace product STK/Scheduler. Saturn would provides  integrated Gantt chart and database entry capability. However, this is just one GUI more can be conceived and created.
                                      Compatible with Windows 7
We are proud to announce that the OptTime Software Development Kit, formally known as he Optwise Scheduling Environment Software Development Kit (OCSchedEnv1 SDK ),  is compatible Windows 7 operating system. This means that OptTime has been tested by a third party testing organization (VeriTest)  to assure that Optwise software meets all of the security and reliability requirements that are provided  by the Windows 7 Operating System and will provide a superior user experience.