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Optwise Corporation has teamed up with Analytical Graphics Inc., maker of Satellite Tool Kit (STK® ) and Orbit Logic Inc. (a satellite ground station software provider) to create STK/Scheduler. The combined strength of these tree companies create a single function unit known as STK/Schedule. Analytical Graphics Inc. though STK provides the world context or model from which all data used as the basis for scheduling is validated. STK also provides a means of visualizing the scheduling results in the world context.  Orbit Logic provides the intuitive user interface and "traditional" Gantt, resource and task assignment listing views functionality. Most importantly, it coordinates the users scheduling related interaction with STK and the Optwise scheduling algorithms. STK Scheduler has used the OptTime technology since its creation.  Prior to 2008, OptTime was the De-confliction Scheduler. Orbit Logic Inc  integrated the scheduling engine with the powerful modeling of STK to create a seamless scheduling solution for satellite operations. In the future Orbit Logic will offer both STK/Scheduler  and a non aerospace version "Saturn" which utilizes OptTime scheduling technology.

The schedule solution can be visualized in a Satellite Tool Kit animation.

STK/Scheduler offers:

·           Optimized schedule solutions

·         Fully integrated with STK

·         User-defined task and resource properties

·         Easy to use graphical user interfaces

·         Comprehensive and highly flexible API

·         Multiple scheduling algorithms

·         Supports dynamic scheduling

·         User –configurable figure-of-merit

·         Fully scalable software

STK/Scheduler displays schedule results in a Gantt chart view


    The Technology is Tried and True:

Just One Application of a Versatile Technology...

STK/Scheduler is one application of Optwise's OptTime technology. However, It is not the only one. OptTime Technology is highly versatile and can be applied to almost any scheduling problem, big or small. In addition to STK/Scheduler, STK offers a non specialized version of OptTime Technology known as Saturn. And this is just one possible GUI. We can help you create yours today.

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