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OptTime  is a software tool kit designed to help you add schedule optimization to your  everything needed for is a complete re-write to allow for the next generation of challenging scheduling problems.  The single COM and .Net aware software module allows uses of .Net, Microsoft Office or any Microsoft programming environment to quickly create scheduling solutions.

While maintaining all past functionality, and adding new functionality, it has a reduced code foot print, lower memory usage and faster solution times!  Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.  OptTime is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 (desktop).

The initial release of the software development kit which uses a C++ WinForm Client to demonstrate the ease of integrating OptTime into client applications. Demonstrations for C#, MFC,  and Microsoft Office are in development.

Contact us  today more information on obtaining a demonstration.

De-confliction Scheduler - For six years this product has served as the backbone of the Optwise Corporation scheduling solution.  It has now been retired. Any customer with current support may obtain the next generation program OptTime as a direct replacement.

Maximizer  Many problems require that tasks be assigned to resources but do not need to placed on a time line.  Maximizer has been designed for this more general task to resource assignment problem.

Partner Products

STK/Scheduler- Optwise Corporation has teamed up with Analytical Graphics Inc., maker of Satellite Tool Kit (STK® ) and Orbit Logic Inc. (a satellite ground station software provider) to create STK/Scheduler. Optwise's OptTime technology is featured in this acclaimed product. Orbit Logic Inc. also offers a non aerospace version of this versatile application called "Saturn".

The OptTime Software Development Kit contains a Microsoft Access Example